These flashcards will provide you with fast facts about the Armenian Genocide. Know these people and know these facts. Use these bits of information when you find yourself in difficult conversations about human rights, ethnic cleansing, genocide and the Armenian Genocide.

History repeats itself if we don’t pay attention. Continue to fight the denial by knowing and sharing these facts. Bring #IntentToDestroy to your city.

THE RED SULTAN: Who is Abdul Hamid II and why is he called The Red Sultan?



THE BERLIN-BAGHDAD RAILWAY: Long before WWII, Germany had a role in the Armenian Genocide.



THE NEAR EAST RELIEF ORGANIZATION: This foundation ran a campaign to raise $30M to respond to the injustices suffered by Ottoman Armenians in 1915. It established the American grassroots movement and citizen philanthropy. So why did the U.S. government ignore this trailblazing initiative led by its own people and, to this day, refuse to acknowledge the genocide?



MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK: Who is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and what role did he play in the cover-up that led to 100 years of denial?



THE TREATY OF LAUSANNE: What role did the Treaty of Lausanne play establishing Turkey’s policy of denial and methodical misinformation for over 100 years?



FORTY DAYS OF MUSA DAGH: Find out how Turkey silenced Hollywood about the Armenian Genocide. We’re not letting that happen again.



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“They’d been wanting to get rid of this minority for a long time and now was their chance under the cover of war. #IntentToDestroy pulls back the curtain of political resistance and historical amnesia to finally present a more complete account of the Armenian Genocide. Learn more: intenttodestroy.com



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