San Francisco Chronicle: Interview with Director Joe Berlinger

Jewish film fest honors doc filmmaker Joe Berlinger.

Joe Berlinger, 55, has been one of the nation’s most influential documentary filmmakers for the past 25 years, since producing “Brother’s Keeper,” a seminal film that helped change the documentary form by using narrative feature techniques to tell non-fiction stories.

Berlinger’s long list of credits includes “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster” and the “Paradise Lost” trilogy, which followed the wrongful imprisonment case of the West Memphis Three. The latter project ultimately led to the release of the trio — and garnered an Oscar nomination.

Now, Berlinger — whose new film, “Intent to Destroy,” concerns the Armenian genocide of 1915 — is being honored with the Freedom of Expression Award at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

And it all started with some American Express commercials:

Q: How did you become a documentary filmmaker?

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